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Caster Arrangement

Colors (Color chart is for reference only and may not depict actual colors of the finished items. The colors may vary with pigment and resin suppliers.)



This rugged bulk truck, introduced in 1970, is America's first Bulk Delivery Truck and remains largely unchanged and still popular today. The M7090, 1' taller, was introduced shortly after. Ideal for easy and safe transport of bulk materials in any industry with ergonomic features for easier loading and unloading.

Standard Features

Ergonomic front cut out. Chemical resistant, corrosion-free Poly base. Hand and Drain Holes. 6" industrial rubber casters.


Heavy duty welded metal base. Custom stencils, decals, or embedded text/logos. Spring Lift Platform. 5"x7" Plastic Card Holder. Caster options: 8" diameter, Swivel Locks, Sidelock Brakes, and/or Polyurethane material. Tow Hitch Assemblies. Half or full body sturdy vinyl or nylon covers. Vinyl Lockable Security Cover. Adjustable hanger bars.



48" L X 28.5" W X 54.5" H (47" Inside depth)


36 cubic feet

Shipping Weight

120 pounds