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    Tow Hitch
    A 1 7/8 " assembly. Allows the towing of 1 or more trucks by a motorized vehicle. Order caster arrangement "B" or "swivel lock" casters for safe tracking.

    Raised Platform

    2" high polyethylene grate allows wet garments to drain. Frequently used in truck models M2424 and M5418.

    3/4" Drain Valve

    A quarter turn valve fitted as close to bottom of a truck as practical. Will drain truck to within 1" of bottom.

    Cart Cover

    Vinyl coated, nylon fabric to enclose the opened sections on a truck body. Affixed with Velcro and/or shock cords, forming a water and dust resistant environment for contents.

    Card Holder

    A plastic holder mounted on a truck. Holds a 5" x 7" card for non-permanent information about contents.

    Hanger Bars

    Adjustable bar converts any truck into a garment truck.

    Spring Lift Platforms

    Rising platform designed to gradually elevate contents.


    Up to 3 lines of text can be added to Identify Contact Information; Property; and/or Application.

    Custom Graphics

    Identify and enhance your cart’s appearance with a highly visible, multi-colored graphic that is chemically bonded to your unit making it difficult to remove or deface.

    Recycled Material

    Utilizing our on-site reprocessing capabilities, Maxi-Movers can manufacture carts in 100% pre-consumer recycled material from unused virgin scrap.

    Caster Information
    Polyolefin Casters
    Easy rolling hard plastic casters available in 3 1/2", 5" and 6".
    Washroom Casters
    A hard, easy rolling swivel caster made with special races, seals and grease fittings to promote longer life in washroom environments.
    Rubber Casters
    A non-marking caster for heavier loads and irregular floor surfaces. Available in 5", 6" and 8".
    Swivel Caster Lock
    Affords the option to convert a swivel caster to rigid. Offers conversion of swivel rotation to rigid stationary when required.
    Polyurethane Casters
    Ideal for smooth surfaces and where heavier loads are common. Available in 6" and 8".
    Wheel Brake
    A foot operated brake designed to prevent stationary trucks from rolling. Not recommended as primary brake when used on tail gate lifts or steep inclines.

    Caster Arrangements:  

    18 Attractive Colors:

     Orange Forest Green
    Burnt Orange Royal Blue
    Honey Gold Powder Blue
    Bright Lemon Cadet blue
    Lime Green Wine
    Jade Green Purple
    Black Chocolate Brown
    Silver Gray Pink
    Natural White Red

    Note: Due to Color Pallet differences between browsers and computer platforms, the above colors may differ from their actual appearance. If material color is critical, request a sample.


    When ordering: Please specify color, model number and caster arrangement. Be sure all options are clearly stated. Standard color will be shipped, unless color is specified on purchase order.


    All shipments are F.O.B. West Babylon, NY · Lombard, IL · Compton, CA· Hummelstown, PA . · Hallandale, FL · Arlington, TN as available.


    Net 30 Days after credit approval.

    Return Goods Policy:

    All returns are subject to a restocking charge and must have prior authorization from the factory. Returns not carrying our authorized label will not be accepted


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