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Bulk Delivery Carts/Trucks

Perfectly sized to fit most elevators in hospitals,hotels, nursing homes, and cruise ships. Maximum load with smaller footprint fits conveniently in both guest and service elevators.

  • Industrial 6" Rubber Casters
  • 18 Standard Colors
  • Specially designed poly base
  • Optional Tow Bar available
  • Hand holes and drain holes are standard

Bulk Delivery Trucks

Rugged, non-marring trucks that are designed to maximize the payload when delivering to hotels, motels, hospitals and restaurants. Ideal also for transport of bulk materials such as bagged waste material and recyclables.

Convenient front cut out assures greater productivity when loading and unloading, while providing greater worker safety. This truck is designed for many years of dependable service.

  • Thirteen (13) sizes available in capacities up to 84 cubic feet
  • Base is powder coated welded steel.
  • The M7070, M7090, and M7091 feature the reinforced Maxi-Poly Bases.
  • Casters are easy to replace
  • Available in 18 attractive colors

Maxi Cargo Cart
  • Perfect for indoor or outdoor distribution and collection
  • Durable reinforced Maxi-Poly Base
  • Lightweight maintenance free plastic body.
  • 48 Cubic Feet capacity
  • Casters: 6" Rubber

Hanger Bars
Adjustable bars convert any truck into a garment truck.

Maxi Poly-Base
Non rusting
Manufactured from the same durable material as our trucks
Designed to fit our popular M7090, M7070 and M7091 Series
Available in two different caster arrangements

Security Covers
Hinged, rigid plastic covers that are lockable for added security.
Available for the M7090 models.

Spring Lift Platform
Ergonomically designed to bring the content level up to the worker.
Less bending, less injuries.
Available for all sizes.
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  *4 1/2" Lower Cutout
Caster Data: 6" rubber casters with thread guards.
Caster Arrangements: A and B.  See Options/Caster/Color Info

M7064** Caster Arrangements: D and F.  See Options/Caster/Color Info


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