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Maxi-Utility Carts/Trucks

Maxi-Utility Truck

Rugged all-purpose truck. Available in five popular sizes. Stepped sides add extra strength.

  • Curled flange for easy handling
  • Nestable for storage and shipping cost reductions
  • Powder coated steel base


Hinged Covers

Sturdy molded polyethylene covers with stainless steel hinge.

Vinyl Covers

Durable vinyl cover with elastic fringe. Fits securely and protects contents.

Request Volume Quote
Model #Capacity Cu. Ft.Width OutsideLength OutsideInside DepthOverall HeightShipping Weight 
M4412 11 3/4 24 1/2" 35" 27 1/2" 34" 65 lbs Request Quotation
M4414 13 31" 44" 25 1/2" 32 1/2" 70 lbs Request Quotation
M4416 17 1/2 31 1/2" 49" 27 1/2" 34 1/2" 85 lbs Request Quotation
M4420 25 1/2 34 1/2" 60" 30" 36 1/2" 100 lbs Request Quotation
M4422 27 1/2 40" 54" 32" 38 1/2" 115 lbs Request Quotation
Caster Data: 5" rubber caster with thread guards. 
Caster Arrangements: A, B and C.  See Options/Caster/Color Info


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